General Awareness Important Questions and Answers

General Awareness important Questions and Answers

 General Awareness Important Questions and Answers

1.Panchayatiraj form of rural government was first adopted by

A) Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh
B) Rajasthan & West Bengal
C) Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh
D) Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh

Answer: C) Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh

2.Todar Mal was associated with

A) Land revenue reforms
B) Music and Literature
C) Law and Music
D) Law and Literature

Answer: A) Land revenue reforms

3.Which of the following diseases is not caused by VIRUS?

A) Chicken Pox
B) Dengue
C) Cholera
D) Polio

Answer: C) Cholera

4.Who rules the state in the event declaration of emergency under Article 356?

A) Prime Minister
B) Chief Minister
C) Governor
D) Chief Justice of the High Court

Answer: C) Governor

5.Name a common greenhouse gas containing only hydrogen and oxygen?

A) CH4
B) O3
C) H2O

Answer: C) H2O

6.Who set up the world’s first floating ATM ?

A) Bank of America
B) Barclays Bank
C) Axis Bank
D) State Bank of India

Answer: D) State Bank of India

7.Three Presidency Banks viz., Bank of Madras, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Calcutta, were merged to form

A) New Bank of India
B) Corporation Bank
C) Reserve Bank of India
D) Imperial Bank of India(now SBI)

Answer: D) Imperial Bank of India(now SBI)

8.What are the followers of buddhism called?

A) Buddhists
B) Parsis
C) Noble Truths
D) Bhikkhus

Answer: A) Buddhists

9.Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

A) Super 3
B) Param 808
C) Super 149
D) Param 8000

Answer: D) Param 8000

10.Operation Kutir Jyothi refers to

A) Rural electrification
B) Adult literacy
C) Self-employment
D) Olympic torch

Answer: A) Rural electrification

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11.Which Airport is named as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhay Airport ?

A) Gorakhpur
B) Delhi
C) Gujarath
D) Agra

Answer: D) Agra

12.The Indian Railways has integrated its helpline numbers into a single number. What is the number?

A) 139
B) 145
C) 150
D) 160

13.A semi-mechanised car park, the first of its kind in Jammu and Kashmir, was inaugurated by ___________.

A) Mehbooba Mufti
B) Narendra Modi
C) Nitin Gadkari
D) Pranab Mukherjee

Answer: A) Mehbooba Mufti

14.Which state government has launched Pashu Bazar website for online cattle sale ?

A) Telangana
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Haryana
D) Gujarat

Answer: A) Telangana

15.India became the first country to partner with which global company on Disaster Response Management?

A) Twitter
B) Google
C) Facebook
D) Microsoft

16.In which type of economy National Income and Domestic Income is equal?

A) Closed Economy
B) Open Economy
C) Developed Economy
D) Developing Economy

Answer: A) Closed Economy

17.NASA and ISRO to come together to inspect ‘oldest civilisation’ site in ____________

A) Gujarat
B) Rajasthan
C) Haryana
D) Telangana

Answer: C) Haryana

18.Which action is safe for a pwc?

A) towing a skier behind a pwc rated for 3 people with two persons on board
B) shutting off the engine before cleaning debris from the pump intake
C) seating a child to small to hold on the operator in front of the operator
D) All the above

Answer: C) seating a child to small to hold on the operator in front of the operator

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19.In India, the term ‘hot money’ is used to refer to

A) Currency + Reserves with the RBI
B) Net G D R
C) Net Foreign Direct Investment
D) Foreign Portfolio Investment

Answer: D) Foreign Portfolio Investment

20.First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India

A) HSBC Bank
C) State Bank of India
D) Central Bank of India

Answer: D) Central Bank of India

21.The civilian award bestowed by the president of India to persons for rendering exceptional and distinguished service in any field is

A) Bharat Ratna
B) Padma Shri
C) Padma Vibhushan
D) Padma Bhushan

Answer: A) Bharat Ratna

22.Which one of the following does not contain Silver ?

A) Horn Silver
B) Ruby Silver
C) Lunar Caustic
D) German Silver

Answer: D) German Silver

23.The world’s largest refinery and petrochemical complex will be set up in which Indian state ?

A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Uttarakhand
C) Telangana
D) Maharashtra

Answer: D) Maharashtra

24.It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of release of

A) oxygen in a lesser quantity than the required levels
B) oxygen in large amounts
C) carbon monoxide
D) carbon dioxide

Answer: D) carbon dioxide

25.The country’s first ‘brain bank’ that can store up to 300 human brains has been opened at

A) Alleppey
B) Bangalore
C) Bhubaneswar
D) Bombay

26.Which Indian pharma company is set to produce the Russian Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V in India?

A) Serum Institute of India
B) Biocon
C) Dr Reddys Labs
D) Bharat Biotech

27.Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) was established in

A) 1955
B) 1956
C) 1957
D) 1958

Answer: C) 1957

28.Where does the series number on a map appear?

A) Upper right margin
B) Lower left margin
C) Both A & B
D) Not Exist

Answer: C) Both A & B

29.Name the state that has become the first state to launch a special awareness drive to ensure that transgenders in the state register as voters.

A) Tripura
B) Mizoram
C) Maharashtra
D) Haryana

Answer: C) Maharashtra

30.Which statement about broadheads is true?

A) Use needle-nose pliers or locking pliers to screw on broadheads
B) Broadheads are risk-free
C) Dress game with great caution until you find all parts of the broadhead
D) Broadheads have a dull edge

Answer: C) Dress game with great caution until you find all parts of the broadhead

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31.Select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives.

? : GA : : QR : JI


Answer: D) TZ

32.Which bank has the tagline – Your Trusted Family Bank?

A) Indian Overseas Bank
B) Dena Bank
C) Indian Bank
D) Yes Bank

Answer: B) Dena Bank

33.The world’s largest biofuel plant with production capacity of 110 million liters of fuel annually has been set up in

A) China
B) India
C) Brazil

Answer: C) Brazil

34.Orkut’s creator Buyukkokten has launched a new social network called ________, which is available on mobile only.

A) Caller
B) Hello
C) Hi
D) Hay

Answer: B) Hello

35.”Doing Business Report” is prepared by which of the following organisations/agencies every year?

A) Asian Development Bank(ADB)
B) World Trade Organisation(WTO)
C) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
D) World Bank

Answer: D) World Bank

36.A universal recipient belongs to the blood group

B) O
C) B
D) A

Answer: A) AB

37.First Bank to introduce ATM in India is ?

B) HSBC Bank
C) HDFC Bank
D) YES Bank

Answer: B) HSBC Bank

38.Which city in the country has created a new Guinness world record with maximum number of people sweeping the ‘floor’ (single venue) ?

A) Vadodara
B) Surat
C) Hyderabad
D) Pune

Answer: A) Vadodara

39.Breeding and management of bees is called

A) Pisciculture
B) Sericulture
C) Silviculture
D) Apiculture

Answer: D) Apiculture

40.Which device is called silico sapiens?

A) Computer
B) Robot
C) Moniter
D) Hardware

Answer: B) Robot

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41.Who is the primary Author of HTML?

A) Sabeer Bhatiya
B) Tim Berners-Lee
C) Brendan Eich
D) Google Inc.

Answer: B) Tim Berners-Lee

42.Which unit of valuation is known as paper gold?

B) Eurodollar
D) Petrodollar

Answer: A) SDR

43.ESCAP stands for

A) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific
B) European Society Council for Africa and Pacific
C) Economic and Social Commission for Africa and Pacific
D) None of the above

Answer: A) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific

44.Which is the first Indian state/UT to achieve 100% first dose coverage, for Covid-19?

A) Goa
B) Ladakh
C) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
D) Puducherry

Answer: B) Ladakh

45.Merdeka cup is associated with

A) Badminton
B) Tennis
C) Football
D) Hockey

Answer: C) Football

46.Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has handed over a Dornier 228 light-weight aircraft to DRDO. What is the name of this aircraft?

A) Vayurathna
B) Maharathna
C) Nabhrathna
D) Aakashrathna

Answer: C) Nabhrathna

47.Which Country has opened its fifth Nuclear Power Plant to meet its growing energy demands ?

A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Russia
D) China

Answer: B) Pakistan

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48.Which is not true of the Intertropical Convergence Zone?

A) It features heavy precipitation
B) It’s where the trade winds collide
C) It’s a high-pressure zone with sinking air
D) It is also known as the doldrums

Answer: C) It’s a high-pressure zone with sinking air

49.Whose signature on Indian currency notes?

A) Finance minister
B) RBI Governor
C) Prime minister
D) President

Answer: B) RBI Governor

50.Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in

A) 1958 in Tokyo
B) 1962 in Jakarta
C) 1966 in Bangkok
D) 1970 in Bangkok

Answer: A) 1958 in Tokyo

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