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General Science Previous Questions Army All Trades

General Science Previous Questions Army All Trades

General Science Previous Questions Army All Trades

General Science Previous Questions Army All Trades General Science is most important for All competitive exams Majorly we discuss Defence Jobs GS is very important role in the Exam for example Indian Army All trades written exam and Navy MR/NMR and Civilian exam and Airforce Group-Y and Coastguard All Trades and DRDO and Nowadays you will find varieties of conceptual questions based on basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Questions based on daily life phenomena are more important for all competitive exams.

1) The atomic weight of water is 
a) 16

b) 2

c) 18

d) 20


2)What is the molecular formula of heavy water? 
a) D3O


c) DO



3)Oxidation is defined as 
a) Loss of electrons

b) Gain of electrons

c) Gain of protons

d) Loss of protons


4)An organic cpmpound must contain which of the following 
a) Carbon

b) Hydrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Nitrogen


5) Hydrogen bomb has been prepared by the fusion of
a) Hydrogen

b) Tritium

c) Duterlum

d) Nitrogen


6) The element which is found in abundance in universe- 
a) Hydrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Chlorine

d) Sulphur


7) In which organ the blood is purifide 
a) kidney

b) livers

c) lungs

d) heart



8) Which of the following is fossilfuel 
a) petrolium

b) west of animal

c) wood

d) atomic reactor



9) The main constituent of bio gas is….. 
a) butane

b) propane

c) methane

d) hydrogas


10) L.P.G gas is mixture of butane, ethane, adn…… 
a) iso butene

b) hudrogen

c) methane

d) none of these


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11) We get vitamin_____from lemon and orange 
a) vitamin-d

b) vitamin-c

c) vitamin-b

d) vitamin-k


12) The excretory organ of human body is 
a) lives

b) heart

c) small intestine

d) kidney


13) The deficiency of protein causes 
a) beri-beri

b) marasmus

c) kwashiorkar

d) rickets


14) The person of which blood group is called universal donar 
a) o

b) b

c) a

d) ab


15) We get the vitamin by sunlight 
a) Vitamin-a

b) vitamin-b

c) vitamin-c

d) vitamin-d


16) Which gland is called master gland_______ 
a) thyroid

b) adrenalin

c) pitutary

d) gondas


17) The virus of AIDS is______ 
a) hiv

b) variola virus

c) rabies virus

d) polio virus


18) _____times a healthy man takes breath in one minute 
a) 20

b) 22


d) 17


19) Atmospheric pressure is measured by_____ 
a) barometer

b) lactometer

c) thermometer

d) hygrometer


20) _____are known as power houses of the cell 
a) chloroplast

b) mitochondria

c) nucleus

d) dna

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21) Carbohydrates are digested in 
a) lives

b) large intestine

c) small intestine

d) stomach


22) Name the vitamin which is responsible for blood clotting 
a) vitamin-c

b) vitamin-d

c) vitamin-k

d) vitamin-e


23) In which organ bile juice is stored 
a) neck

b) stomach

c) gallbladder

d) hump


24) Which of the following is an insulator ? 
a) graphite

b) aluminium

c) diamond

d) none of these


25) Urea is which type of fertilizer ? 

a) Nitrogenous Fertilizer

b) Phosphate Fertilizer

c) Potash Fertilizer

d) None of these


26)DNA is present within the_____
a) RNA

b) nucleus

c) plasma

d) nucleicacid


27) Disease caused by vitamin “C” is 
a) rickets

b) beri-beri

c) scurvey

d) pellagra


28)Purity of milk is measured by _____ 
a) hydrometer

b) barometer

c) lactometer

d) voltmeter


29) Botanical name of ladies finger is 
a) pisum sativum

b) Abelmoschus esculentus

c) brassica rigra

d) betavulganis


30)Hardest part in the human body is 
a) dentine

b) Tooth Enamel

c) keratin

d) bore


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