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Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-3

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-4

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-3 Indian Army conducts recruitment rally every year state wise thousands of candidates participate in this ralys In this process lot of members fail in the written exam thats why we provide total previous questions so dont neglect this papers because we prepare based on the previous papers to advanced papers.Indian Army All Subjects questions also given in this article like General Knowledge and General Science and School Maths and All trades Selection process also given below.

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-3

1. Which is the deepest ocean in the world

a. Indian Ocean

b. Atlantic Ocean

c. Pacific Ocean

d. Arabian Sea


2.What is the term for a member of the Rajya Sabha?

a. 5 Years

b. 4 Years

c. 2 Years

d. 6 Years


3.Who was the first Indian to be appointed President of the International Court of Justice

a. Nagendra Singh

b. Bhagat Singh

c. Dr Hardayal

d. None of these


4. Which day is observed as Human Right Day?

a. 24th October

b. 4th July

c. 10th December

d. None of these


5. India’s biggest multipurpose river valley project is……..

a. Hirakud

b. Bhakra Nangal

c. Damodar Valley

d. None of these


6. In which state is ‘Sanchi Stupa’ situated

a.Madhya Pradesh

b.Uttar Pradesh




7. ‘Each one Teach one’ programme relates to……….

a. Adult education

b. Regular education

c. Non – formal education

d. Awakened citizen


8. When was ‘Shimla Pact’ between India and Pakistan inked

a. 1955

b. 1971

c. 1962

d. 1972


9. The River Mahanadi originates from?

a. Raipur

b. Patna

c. Ujjain

d. Dehradun


10. Who wrote the book ‘Anand Math’?

a. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

b. Abul Fazal

c. Kalidas

d. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee


Trade Selection Process
General Duty  Click Here
Technical  Click Here
Tradesman  Click Here
Clerk  Click Here
Nursing Assistant  Click Here
TES(Techical Entry Scheme)  Click Here

11. ………. is the author of ‘Meghdoot’ 

a. Kalidas

b. Tulsidas

c. Kautilya

d. Vedvyas


12. ……….is the largest planet of the solar system 

a. Jupiter

b. Mercury

c. Venus

d. None of these


13. Which of these is not a part of our Parliament

a. President

b. Lok Sabha

c. Chief Justice

d. None of these


14. Where did Ashoka fight his last battle? 

a. Malaya

b. Kalinga

c. Kochi

d. None of these


15. Gautam Buddha was born in 

a. 563 BC

b. 472 BC

c. 627 BC

d. None of these


16. What is the heartbeat rate of a young healthy man?  

a. 50 times

b. 72 times

c. 108 times

d. None of these


17. Brain is responsible for ……… 

a. Thinking

b. Balancing the body

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. Only (a)


18. Blood is purified by ……… 

a. Lungs

b. Heart

c. Kidney

d. All of the above


19. ………. is used in thermometer to show the temperature  

a. Lead

b. Mercury

c. Silver

d. None of these


20. Which of the following set of animals are cold blooded 

a. Crow, Earthworm, Frog

b. Frog, Crow, Whale

c. Penguin, Salamander, Monkey

d. Rohu, Frog, Cobra


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21. Solar Eclipse occurs when ……… 

a. Earth comes between sun and moon

b. Moon comes between sun and earth

c. During crisis

d. Sun comes between moon and earth


22. Good conductor of electricity is  

a. Glass

b. Paper

c. Copper

d. Water


23. Beriberi is caused due to deficiency of vitamin 

a. A

b. B

c. C

d. D


24. ATP is ………. 

a. Adenosine Tetraphosphate

b. Adenine Tri Phosphate

c. Adenosine Triphosphate

d. None of these


25. Which law was stated by Ernst Haeckel 

a. Law of inheritance

b. The biogenetic law

c. Law of dominance

d. Law of segregation


26. Melting point of ice is 

a. 1000?

b. 40?

c. 00?

d. 50?


27. Haemoglobin is found in 

a. Vein

b. Urine

c. Blood



28. The nucleus of an atom consists of 

a. Electrons and Neutrons

b. Electrons and Protons

c. Protons and Neutrons

d. Neutrons only


29. A mixture of metal dissolved in mercury is known as ………. 

a. Amalgam

b. Alloy

c. Mercury salt

d. Solution


30. The formula of Ammonium Chloride is 

a. NH4Cl

b. NH4Cl2

c. NHCl2

d. NH4Cl4

Ans:A Mock Test Click
01 Airforce Group-Y Click Here
02 Airforce Group-X Click Here
02 Navy MR Click Here
02 General Knowledge Click Here

31. Rusting of Iron is a  

a. Physical Change

b. Chemical change

c. Biochemical change

d. Electrochemical change


32. Penicillin is a ………… 

a. Antibiotic

b. Fats

c. Enzymes

d. Proteins


33. The male and female genes in a flower are called ova and  

a. Zygote

b. pollen

c. Pupa

d. Sperms


34. Which is the fundamental particle that constitutes an atom other than proton and electron? 

a. Neuron

b. Photon

c. Neutron

d. Anion


35. Which of the following is not acompound? 

a. Air

b. Steel

c. Water

d. Brass


36. The value of 2-(2) is 

a. 0

b. 4

c. 8

d. 16


37. If two angles of a triangle are 30 and 105, then the third angle will be  

a. 75

b. 45

c. 65

d. 60


38. What is the value of 7/9 of 45? 

a. 33

b. 35

c. 38

d. 28


39. If (0.4z – 3) = -7/5. Find the value of z (1.5z + 9) 

a. 98/25

b. 26/35

c. -96/25

d. None of these


40. Find the area of a playground of 300m length and 200m breadth. 

a. 60,000 ?2

b. 500 m

c. 10,000 ?2

d. 60,000 ?3


41. If 8 men can do a piece of work in 15 days, then in how many days could 20 men do the same work  

a. 7 days

b. 8 days

c. 10 days

d. None of these


42. What is the fractional value of 4.21 

a. 421/100

b. 121/10

c. 121/1000

d. 21/100


43. Find the value of 1/2 + 1/4 

a. 3/4

b. 3/2

c. 5/4

d. 1/8


44. What is the square root of 0.0036 

a. 0.06

b. 0.6

c. 00.6

d. 6


45. Perimeter of a square is 1000 cm. Find one side of that square 

a. 10 cm

b. 100 cm

c. 20 cm

d. 250 cm


46. 3 1/4 hrs. convert in Minutes 

a. 205

b. 195

c. 210

d. 180


47. (x + 4) (x + 5) =? 

a. x2 + x – 20

b. x3 + 9x – 20

c. x2 + 5x + 1

d. x2 +9x +20


48. If the average of 40, 10, 25, 20, 35 and x is 25, then the value of x is  

a. 20

b. 30

c. 35

d. 36


49. Simplify 81 x 81 + 68 x 68 – 2 x 81 x 68

a. 169

b. 196

c. 201

d. None of these


50. Area of square  

a. side x side

b. length x breadth

c. length x length

d. 4 x side

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