Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-4

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-4

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-4 Indian Army conducts recruitment rally every year state wise thousands of candidates participate in this ralys In this process lot of members fail in the written exam thats why we provide total previous questions so dont neglect this papers because we prepare based on the previous papers to advanced papers.Indian Army All Subjects questions also given in this article like General Knowledge and General Science and School Maths and All trades Selection process also given below.

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-4

01. Arjuna Award is given to
a. Outstanding sports persons
b. Poets
c. Scientists
d. Actors


02. The main city of Kashmir Valley is
a. Pathankot
b. Srinagar
c. Kupwara
d. None of these


03. Which is known as the land of Midnight Sun
a. Japan
b. Switzerland
c. Norway
d. None of these


04. ‘Satyameva Jayate’ has been taken from …………….
a. Mandukya Upanishad
b. Rigveda
c. Natyashastra
d. Samveda


05 Chilika lake is situated in
a. Orissa
b. Bihar
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. None of these


06. Capital of Mizoram is
a. Aizawl
b. Shillong
c. Imphal
d. None of these

07. Bihu is the traditional dance of which state?
a. Bihar
b. Assam
c. Punjab
d. None of these


08. London is situated on the bank of ……………. River
a. James
b. Tames
c. Hames
d. Thames


09. By using a map, you can find
a. Distance
b. Direction
c. Altitude
d. All of these


10. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces?
a. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
b. Speaker of Lok sabha
c. President of India
d. None of the above


Trade Selection Process
General Duty  Click Here
Technical  Click Here
Tradesman  Click Here
Clerk  Click Here
Nursing Assistant  Click Here
TES(Techical Entry Scheme)  Click Here

11. Which is the deepest ocean in the world
a. Pacific Ocean
b. Indian Ocean
c. Arabian Ocean
d. None of these


12. India liberated Goa from the Portuguese in
a. 1947
b. 1965
c. 1961
d. 1960


13. Paris is situated on the bank of river
a. Seine
b. Thames
c. Volga
d. None of these


14. National Botanical Garden is situated in which city

a. Rewa
b. Jaipur
c. Chandigarh
d. Lucknow


15. What is H1N1
a. Cough
b. Bird Flu
c. Swine Flu
d. None of these


16. What is laughing gas?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Sulphur dioxide
c. Hydrogen peroxide
d. Nitrous oxide


17. The most important ore of aluminum is
a. Bauxite
b. Calamine
c. Calcite
d. Galena


18. The gas used to extinguish fire is
a. Neon
b. Nitrogen
c. Carbon dioxide
d. Carbon monoxide


19. The mammal which lay eggs is
a. Bat
b. Kangaroo
c. Squirrel
d. Duckbilled Platypus


20. Laparoscopy is connected with 

a. Radars

b. Science of tissues

c. Study of laser beams

d. Gynecological operations

Ans:D Free Online Mock Test Click
01 Airforce Group-Y Click Here
02 Airforce Group-X Click Here
02 Navy MR Click Here
02 General Knowledge Click Here

21. The fourth state of matter is 

a. Solid

b. Liquid

c. Plasma

d. Gas


22. Which of the following is a mixed fertilizer? 

a. Urea

b. Ammonium sulphate

c. CAM

d. NPK


23. Cow milk is a rich source of 

a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin B

c. Vitamin C

d. Vitamin D


24. Typhoid is a disease of 

a. Liver

b. Lungs

c. Stomach

d. Intestine


25. The tooth with three roots is 

a. Maxillary Molar

b. Premolar

c. Incisor

d. Canine


26. The saliva helps in digestion of 

a. Proteins

b. Fats

c. Fibers

d. Starch


27. Short sightedness is due to 

a. shifting of the iris

b. weaker muscles

c. elongation of eyeballs

d. weakening of the retina


28. The weight of an average human male brain is about 

a. 1 kg

b. 1200 gms

c. 1350 gms

d. 1500 gms


29. Water has maximum density at 

a. 00 C

b. 40 C

c. 1000 C

d. 100 C


30. Which of the following diseases usually spreads through air 

a. Plague

b. Typhoid

c. Tuberculosis

d. Cholera


31. The ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from 

a. visible radiations

b. infra-red rays

c. ultra violet rays

d. cosmic rays


32. Aviation fuel for jet aero planes consists of purified 

a. Petrol

b. Kerosene

c. Gasoline

d. Diesel


33. Which of the following is not a gland? 

a. Stomach

b. Liver

c. Kidney

d. Pancreas


34. Long distance photography is facilitated by 

a. Visible light

b. X rays

c. Infrared rays

d. Ultraviolet rays


35. In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of 

a. Mercury

b. Sodium

c. Potassium

d. Barium


36. Area of a rectangular ground is 12500𝒎𝟐. Its length is 125 m. Its perimeter is 

a. 450m

b. 100m

c. 900m

d. 1250m


37. If 10, 20, x and 40 are in a proportion, the value of x will be 

a. 5

b. 20

c. 30

d. 80


38. If 10th January, 2004 is Tuesday, what will be the day on 10th? January, 2005 

a. Wednesday

b. Thursday

c. Tuesday

d. Friday


39. A cyclist covers 12 km in an hour. What is his speed in meters per Minute 

a. 100 m/min/100

b. 220 m/min/ 220

c. 200 m/min/ 200

d. 300 m/min


40. Speed of 1km/hr. is equal to

a. 60/1000 m/s

b. 3600/1000 m/s

c. 1000/3600 m/s

d. 1000/60 m/s


41. The cost of 18 bananas at the rate of Rs 4 per dozen will be  

a. Rs 5

b. Rs 6

c. Rs 10

d. Rs 8


42. 12 men and 18 women can reap a field in 14 days, 8 men and 16 women can reap the same field in 

a. 6 days

b. 3 days

c. 10 days

d. 9 days


43. The average of the height of 5 students having height 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 

a. 40

b. 50

c. 55

d. 45


44. At what rate percent per annum will a sum of money double in 8 years 

a. 12.5%

b. 25%

c. 00.6

d. 10%


45. A man buys a toy for Rs.1000 and sells it for Rs.1500. His gain percent is  

a. 331/3%

b. 50%

c. 25%

d. 58%


46. 3 hrs and 45 minutes = ……………. Seconds 

a. 13500

a. 18000

b. 10800

c. 10500


47. 30% of 140 = x% of 840, then x is

a. 5

b. 10

c. 6

d. 15


48. Which one of the following is equivalent of 6/20 

a. 6%

b. 20%

c. 26%

d. 30%


49. The square root of 4096 by means of factors is 

a. 33

b. 64

c. 96

d. 24


50. LCM of (2x3x5) and (3x5x7) is equal to 

a. 3

b. 3×5

c. 2x3x5x7

d. 2x3x5x3x5x7


Indian Army Trades wise Selection Process:

 General Duty             Full Details
 Technical             Full Details
 Nursing             Full Details
 Clerk             Full Details
Tradesman             Full Details

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