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Army All Trades General Knowledge Previous Questions

Army All Trades General Knowledge Previous Questions

Army All Trades General Knowledge Previous Questions General knowledge is the most important for all competitive exams lot of members wants to read GK thats way we provide very useful questions and Answers also this questions  prepare for GK Questions on various static general studies subjects such as Indian History, Geography, Economy, Polity & Constitution, Banking, Society, Environment, Sports, Indian Culture etc. for competitive examinations including Army, Navy,  Airforce, Coastguard, SSC, UPSC, CDS, NDA, Railways and all other examinations.

1) Where is Indravati National Park located
a) Punjab

b) Chhatisgarh

c) Manipur

d) Rajastan

Ans: B

2) When is “ World Cancer Day” 
a) February 4

b) February 19

c) February 21

d) February 12


3) Mahavira born on –
a) 540 BC

b) 640 BC

c) 740 BC

d) 340 BC


4) Gautam Budha, the son of Shakya King and Mayadevi, born in 567 B.C. at. 
(a) Sarnath

(b) Lumbini (near Kapilvastu)

(c) Vaisali

(d) Kosala


5) The currency of Thailand 
a) pound

b) dinar

c) baht

d) rupee


6) The first asian games was held in _____ ?
a) japan

b) india

c) south korea

d) china


7) The retirement age of the Chief Justice of India is ____
a) 60 years

b) 62 years

c) 65 years

d) 67 years


8) India Muslim League was founded in the year ______
a) 1885

b) 1905

c) 1906

d) 1916


9) N.D.A (National Defence Academy) is situated at ______ 
a) Dehradun

b) Mhow

c) Kharagwasla

d) Cochin
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10) The first Indian lady to become Miss World was
a) Rita Fariya

b)Arti Shah

c) Devika Rani

d) Nargis


11) Which country is known as the land of thousand lakes ? 
a) Japan

b) Norway

c) Finland

d) Cuba


12) Who was the founder of the ‘Brahma Samaj’ ?
a) Vivekananda

b) Ram Mohan Roy

c) Daya Nand

d) Annie Basant


13) The Arjuna Award was instituted in the year 

a) 1965

b) 1963

c) 1961

d) 1975


14) Where is Lakshyadweep situated ? 
a) Bay of Bengal

b) Arabian Sea

c) Indian Ocean

d) Pacific Ocean


Army All Trades General Knowledge Previous Questions

15) Dilwara Temples are situated in 
a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Orissa

d) Rajasthan


16) Who excavated “Banwali”

a) Sir Auriel Stien

b) R.S.Bisth

c) Jones

d) None

Ans: B

17) Which of the following national park is in Himachal Pradesh 
a) Dudhwa

b) Pin Valley

c) Hemis

d) Valmiki


18) No–Tobacco Day falls on 
a) June 30

b) May 31

c) April 30

d) September 31


19) Siddhartha had a son before he became Gautama Buddha. What was the name of his son?
a) Rahul

b) Subodh

c) Kanishka

d) Vijay


20) Oscar Award is given for (International) Ans:D
a) Peace

b) Press

c) Gallantry

d) Film


21) What was the capital city of Bahamas 
a) Nassau

b) Manama

c) minsk

d) Thimphu


22) ‘ Do or Die ‘
a)Bala gangadhara tilak

b) V D savarkar

c) Mahatma Gandhi

d) Subhash chandra bose


23) In ICICI,(Industrial……. and Investment Corporation of India); C stands for;

a) Corporation

b) Credit

c) Cash

d) Company


24) Nagarjuna sagar project is situated on the river
a) Tungabhadra

b) Cauvery

c) Krishna

d) Godavari


25) Which of the following pair about project and river is wrong :

a) Bhakra Dam – Sutluj

b) Nagarjun Sagar Project – Krishna

c) Sardar project – Ganga

d) Hirakund Dam – Mahanadi


26) Who wrote the book ‘The white tiger’ ? 
a) Mahatma Gandhi

b) Aravind Aadiga

c) Suche

d) Jim


27) On which day United Nations Day falls ? 
a) 30 October

b) 2 October

c) 24 October

d) 14 October


28) Who was the first commander in chief of Independent India ? 
a) Gen K M Kariappa

b) Gen V P Malik

c) Gen B N Sharma

d) Gen Shanker Roy Chaudhary


29) The excavation of Mohanjodaro in 1922 for Indus Valley civilization was under the supervision of

a) D.R.Sahani

b) V.A.Smith

c) R.D.Banerji

d) Ketelbey


30) The Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the period of Harshavardhana was
a) Fa-hien

b) Hiuen Tsang

c) Itsing

d) Wang-sung


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