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Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-7

Indian Army Clerk Previous Exam Papers

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-7 Indian Army conducts recruitment rally every year state wise thousands of candidates participate in this ralys In this process lot of members fail in the written exam thats why we provide total previous questions so dont neglect this papers because we prepare based on the previous papers to advanced papers.Indian Army All Subjects questions also given in this article like General Knowledge and General Science and School Maths and All trades Selection process also given below.

Indian Army General Duty Previous Exam Paper-7

01. The capital of lakshadweep is  

a. Mahe

b. Minicopy

c. Kavaratti

d. Kachativu


02. The title ‘Devanam priya’ was given to  

a. Harsha

b. kanishka

c. Ashoka

d. Chandragupta Maurya


03. Who was the founder of sunga dynasty? 

a. Ajatshatru

b. Bimbisara

c. Agnimitra

d. Pushyamitra


04. India is the largest producer of 

a. Coffee

b. Tobacco

c. Oilseeds

d. Wheat


05. Jog falls is situated on river 

a. Sharavati

b. Ganga

c. Godavari

d. Krishna


06. The number of banks Nationalised in 1969 is 

a. 8

b. 12

c. 14

d. 20


07. Election of Rajya Sabha is held after every 

a. 1 years

b. 2 years

c. 6 years

d. 5 years


08. India first took part in Olympic games in the year  

a. 1920

b. 1928

c. 1972

d. 1964


09. Delhi became the capital of India in 

a. 1910

b. 1931

c. 1916

d. 1923


10. Who was the founder of the French East India Company  

a. Dumas

b. Colbert

c. Duplix

d. De La Haye


11. How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan? 

a. 32

b. 25

c. 30

d. 17


12. India’s first atomic reactor was 

a. Zerlina

b. Dhruva

c. Apsara

d. Kamini


13. How many players are there on each side in the game of Basketball?  

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7


14. How much districts are there in Meghalaya?  

a. 11

b. 2

c. 5

d. 9


15. How many Dynes are there in 1 gram weight? 

a. 900

b. 375

c. 981

d. 250


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16. Where is the Judicature of Orissa? 

a. Bhubaneswar

b. Cuttack

c. Both

d. None of the above


17. Where is the permanent secretariat of the SAARC?  

a. Kathmandu

b. New Delhi

c. Islamabad

d. Colombo


18. When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated? 

a. 1948

b. 1951

c. 1958

d. 1971


19. When was pottery developed in the Indus Valley? 

a. 5000 BC

b. 6000 BC

c. 3500 BC

d. 2600 BC


20. Which is the major mineral found in Punjab? 

a. Coal

b. Gold

c. Salt

d. Iron


21. Optical fiber works on the principle of 

a. Scattering

b. Interference

c. total internal reflection

d. refraction


22. Ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is due to the reactions of?  

a. carbon dioxide and oxygen

b. oxygen and ultraviolet rays

c. infra-red rays and ultraviolet rays

d. carbon dioxide and layers of atmosphere


23. The color of an opaque object is due to the color it 

a. Refracts

a. Absorbs

b. Scatters

c. Reflects


24. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through  

a. Water

b. Vaccum

c. Air

d. Glass


25. An air bubble in water will act like a 

a. convex lens

b. convex mirror

c. concave lens

d. concave mirror


26. Aspirin comes from which of the following? 

a. Willow bark

b. Oak tree

c. Acacia

d. Eucalyptus


27. The medulla oblongata is a part of human? 

a. Heart

b. Brain

c. Liver /

d. Sex Organ


28. The largest organ of human body is? 

a. Brain

b. Heart

c. Skin

d. Liver


29. Root nodules are commonly found in? 

a. leguminous plants

b. parasitic plants

c. epiphytic Plants

d. aquatic plants


30. The vitamin which is generally excreted by human in urine is?  

a. Vitamin – A

b. Vitamin – D

c. Vitamin – C

d. Vitamin – E


31. The monomer of polythene is? 

a. vinyl chloride

b. ethylene

c. ethyl alcohol

d. None of the above


32. The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is? 

a. He

b. Ne

c. Ar

d. Xe


33. The metal that is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils is? 

a. Ni

b. Pb

c. Cu

d. Pt


34. The most malleable metal is? 

a. platinum

b. silver

c. iron

d. gold


35. The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is? 

a. hydrogen

b. oxygen

c. nitrogen

d. carbon dioxide


From question 36 to 40, find the next term of the series.

36. AZ, BY, CX, .. 

a. EW

b. DW

c. WC

d. DA


37. DEF, HIJ, MNO, … 

a. STV

b. TUV

c. RST

d. STU


38. ab _ aa_ bbb _ aaa_bbba 

a. Baab

b. Abab

c. Abba

d. Baba


39. bc _ b _ c _b _ ccb 

a. Cbcc

b. Cbcb

c. Bbcc

d. Bcbc


40. cccbb _ aa _cc _bbbaa_c 

a. Bcaa

b. Abca

c. Baca



41. The square root of 73.96 is  

a. 8.6

b. 86

c. 0.86

d. None of these


41. The period of 2s

a. 4?2

b. 2?

c. 4 ?

d. ?


42. When a metallic ball bearing is placed inside a cylindrical container of radius 2 cm, the height of the water inside the container increases by 0.6 cm. The radius to the nearest tenth of a centimeter of the ball bearing is

a. 1 cm

b. 1.2 cm

c. 2 cm

d. 0.6 cm


44. If A : B = 6 : 7 and B: C = 8 : 9, then

a. 9 : 6

b. 6:9

c. 21:16

d. 16:21


45. If 3: 5 :: 60 : X. the value of X is 

a. 100

b. 36

c. 4

d. None of these


46. The ratio Between 7 months and 7 year is  

a. 1:1

b. 1:12

c. 1: 7

d. 7: 12


47. If a + b = 5 and ab = 6, then the value ?? + ?? is  

a. 25

b. 30

c. 45

d. 50


48. The value of ??????/?????? is

a. 1

b. 0

c. 2

d. √3


49. 0, 2, 6, 12, 30, … 

a. 40

b. 42

c. 44

d. 46


50. 4, 9, 13, 22, 35, .. 

a. 57

b. 43

c. 51

d. 55


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