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Indian Army Nursing Previous Exam Paper-1

Indian Army Nursing Previous Exam Papers

Indian Army Nursing Previous Exam Paper-1 Indian Army conducts recruitment rally every year state wise thousands of candidates participate in this ralys In this process lot of members fail in the written exam thats why we provide total previous questions so dont neglect this papers because we prepare based on the previous papers to advanced papers.Indian Army All Subjects questions also given in this article like General Knowledge and General Science and School Maths and All trades Selection process also given below.

Indian Army Nursing Previous Exam Paper-1

01. Which was the first metal to be used by man

a. Silver

b. Brass

c. Bronze

d. Copper


02. The Indus valley civilization was discovered in

a. 1932

b. 1922

c. 1921

d. 1902


03. Use of plough has been evidenced at

a. Lothal

b. Kalibangan

c. Banwali

d. Harappa


4. The Aryans came to India from.

a. Central Asia

b. Eastern Europe

c. South Pole

d. South-East Asia


05. With which religion is ‘kaivalya’ associated?

a. Jainism

b. Hinduism

c. Buddhism

d. Sikkim


06. Which of the following rules did not embrace Buddhism?

a. Ashoka

b. Kanishka

c. Samudragupta

d. Harsha


07. The title ‘Devanam priya’ was given to

a. Chandragupta Maurya

b. Ashoka

c. Kanishka

d. Harsha


08. The strategy of ‘divide and rule’ was adopted by

a. Lord Minto

b. Lord Wellesley

c. Lord Curzon

d. Both (a) and (b)


09. Delhi became the capital of India in

a. 1923

b. 1916

c. 1910

d. 1911


10. In which Session of congress, this organization splitted

a. Surat, 1907

b. madras, 1927

c. Lahore, 1929

d. Gaya, 1922


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11. India is the largest producer of

a. Coffee

b. Oilseeds

c. Wheat

d. Oilseeds


12. On which river, the Ukai dam has been constructed?

a. Ganga

b. Yamuna

c. Narmada

d. Tapti


13. Which state capital is situated on the river Ganga?

a. Patna

b. Kolkata

c. Ranchi

d. Bhubaneswar


14. Jog falls is situated on river

a. Sharavathi

b. Krishna

c. Godavari

d. Ganga


15. The Ghana bird sanctuary is located in

a. Madhya Pradesh

b. Punjab

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Rajasthan


16. The climate best suited for horticulture is

a. Equatorial

b. Mediterranean

c. Monsoon

d. Tundra


17. Which is the world’s largest desert?

a. Sahara

b. Gobi

c. Thar

d. Taklamakan Desert


18. The Shivasamudram falls is on a. Subernarekha

b. Kaveri

c. None of these

d. Indravati


19. Which of the following is not a Rabi crop? 

a. Maize

b. Wheat

c. Grain

d. Mustard


20. Which of the following is a cash crop? 

a. Rubber

b. Rice

c. Millets

d. Wheat


21. Nucleus was first discovered by 

a. Robert Koch

b. Leeuwenhock

c. Robert Brown

d. Fonta


22. The biggest cell is 

a. Hen egg

b. Human egg

c. Ostrich egg

d. Kidney cell


23. Which of the following is a cold blooded animal? 

a. Lizard

b. Rabbit

c. Pigeon

d. Rat


24. Father of Genetics is

a. Mendel

b. Sutton

c. Morgan

d. Boveri


25. The fundamental unit of heredity is 

a. Protein

b. Lipids

c. RNA

d. Gene


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26. Mendel worked on 

a. Garden pea plant

b. Grand plant

c. Maize plant

d. Heterozygous


27. Number of chromosomes in man is 

a. 46

b. 487

c. 50

d. 52


28. Dr. Hargobind Khorana has been awarded Noble Prize for research on 

a. Oral contraceptive

b. Hormones

c. Genetic code

d. limnology


29. DNA structure was discovered by 

a. Weismann

b. Watson and Fraancis Crick

c. Hargobind Khorana

d. Sutton


30. The two strands of DNA are 

a. Similar and complementary

b. Anti-parallel and complementary

c. Anti-parallel and non-complementary

d. None of the above


31. Which one of the following is not a physical change? 

a. Evaporation of water.

b. Sublimation of ??4??

c. ??2 turns lime water milky

d. Distillation of alcohol


32. Photochemical reaction takes place in the presence of 

a. heat

b. light radiation

c. water

d. air


33. A chemical change does not occur when 

a. iron rusts

b. turning of lime water milky by ??2

c. burning of gases

d. water boils


34. Reactions accompanied by absorption of heat are called 

a. endothermic

b. exothermic

c. photochemical

d. chemical


35. Which one of the following is not a physical property of matter? 

a. Density

b. Combustibility

c. Solubility

d. Electrical conductivity


36. Neutrons can be found in atoms of all elements except 

a. Carbon

b. Helium

c. Hydrogen

d. Neon


37. The smallest particle in which matter can exist is called 

a. An ion

b. An atom

c. A molecule

d. An element


38. Which of the following is not an element? 

a. Aluminium

b. Mercury

c. Gold

d. Water


39. Isotopes of an element have 

a. The same atomic number

b. The same atomic weight

c. The same atomic weight but different atomic number

d. Different atomic number


40. Which of the following is a compound?

a. Milk

b. Gold

c. Coal

d. Water


41. The least prime number is 

a. 0

b. 3

c. 1

d. 2


42. What is the total number of prime number less than 100?

a. 30

b. 25

c. 26

d. 24


43. The number 649578 is divisible by 

a. 5

b. 6

c. 9

d. 11


44. Which of the following fraction is not equal to the other three? 

a. 9/15

b. 4/5

c. 6/10

d. 3/5


45. 1/5 – 1/9 =?

a. 4/45

b. 3/72

c. 7/12

d. 1/36


46. The sum of the fraction 2/3, 4/3 and 6/18 is 

a. 16/9

b. 27/9

c. 11/18

d. 2/5


47. The square root of 73.96 is

a. 8.6

b. 0.86

c. 86

d. None of these


48. A number is 64 times the square of its reciprocal. The number is 

a. 4

b. 10

c. 2

d. 16


49. The least number which must be subtracted to 4931 to make it a perfect square, is 

a. 31

b. 100

c. 140

d. 110


50. Complete surd form of 3/4 √ ?? is 

a. √32

b. √18

c. √16

d. √24


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