Simplification Questions For Defence and Paramilitary Jobs

Simplification Questions For Defence and Paramilitary Jobs

Simplification Questions For Defence and Paramilitary Jobs Simplification form an important part of Quantitative Aptitude section. Basically, these are also important from all upcoming exams’ point of view. Knowing squares and roots is quite important for an aspirant to know in order to enhance their calculation speed especially in simplification & approximation questions. Such questions involving squares and cubes can always be asked in Army All Trades, CISF,BSF,CRPF and also in Navy,Airforce any exams so in this article we are provide Simplifications basic Questions.

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Simplification Questions For Defence and Paramilitary Jobs

To solve this expression, we have used the BODMAS formula which is the basic root of attempting any type of Simplification Questions.If you don’t know, what is the BODMAS Formula and how to use it to simplify an expression then below we have provided the detailed information about it.Scroll the page to know about BODMAS.

‘BODMAS’ Rule: This rule depicts the correct sequence in which the operations are to be executed, so as to find out the value of a given expression. Here, ‘B’ stands for ‘Bracket’, ‘O’ for ‘of’, ‘D’ for Division’, ‘M’ for ‘multiplication’, ‘A’ for ‘Addition’ and ‘S’ for ‘Subtraction’. Thus, in simplifying an expression, first of all the brackets must be removed, strictly in the order (),{} and []. After removing the brackets, we must use the following operations strictly in the order:
(i)Bracket (ii) of (iii)Division  (iv)Multiplication  (v) Addition (vi) Subtraction.

Eg-1: (-5)(4)(2)(-1/2)(3/4)=?
-5*4*2*-1/2*3/4= 15

Eg-2: If 45-[28-{37-(15-*)}]= 58, then * is equal to:

a. -29          b. -19               c. 19             d. 29

Answer: Option c

Explanation: 45-[28-{37-(15-*)}]= 58 => 45-[28-{37-15+*}]=58

45-[28-37+15-*]=58 => 45[43-37-*]=58

45-[6-*]=58 => 45-6+*=58

39+*=58 => *=58-39

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