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Agniveer Army 20 April 2023 All Shifts Questions

Agniveer Army 20 April 2023 All Shifts Questions

Agniveer Army 20 April 2023 All Shifts Questions Indian Army is all set to conduct the Online Common Entrance Exam (CEE) for the year 2023-24. The test will be conducted for multiple posts of Agniveer from April 17 to 26, 2023. The Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 exam is sceduled to be held at more than 200 locations across India. Test takers qualifying for the Online CEE exam will appear for the next stages of the selection process. All Exam Shift Wise Questions Review Check Now.


Computer Man

Army GD 19 April 2023 All Shifts Questions and Answers

1) who is the governor of chhattisgarh

Ans: Biswabhusan Harichandan

2) In which place is the chori chora incident took

Ans: Gorakhpur district, on 4 February 1922

3) What is the number of Rajya Sabha seats?

Ans: Membership is limited to 250 members, and the present Rajya Sabha has 245 members.

4) 2023 men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Final Held between

Ans: Germany beat Belgium

5) What state is Amer Fort in?

Ans: Jaipur,Rajasthan.

6) least populated state in india 2011 census

Ans: Sikkim

7) Who shot general dyer

Ans: Udham Singh

Army GD 17 April 2023 1st Shift Questions and Answers

8) Where is the High Court of Gujarat situated?

Ans: Ahmedabad

9) What was the highest population in the world

Ans: China

10) Who is the governor of arunachal pradesh

Ans: Kaiwalya Trivikram Parnaik.

11) What is unit of frequency

Ans: hertz (Hz)

12) Where is kanha national park located

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

13) Kota city river situated bank of the which river

Ans: Chambal

14) Lakshya sen is associated with which of the following sports

Ans: badminton

15) Which is the deepest Lake in the world

Ans: Lake Baikal

16) Which is called as garden of spices

Ans: Kerala

17) Who is the present RBI governor

Ans: Shaktikanta Das

18) Who Became the First IAS In India

Ans: Satyendranath Tagore

19) Who is the governor of rajasthan

Ans: Kalraj Mishra

20) When is sports day celebrated

Ans: August 29

21) Which state is the highest population density in india

Ans: Bihar

Army GD 17 April 2023 All Shifts Questions and Answers

22) Dronacharya award is given to

Ans: Outstanding Coaches in Sports and Games

23) 5-5 x 2-5-5+3=?


24) -5+5-5-5+3-3-3=?


25) 12,14,16,18,20, ?


26) What is the maximum number of Judges in the Supreme Court ?

Ans: The Supreme Court of India comprises the Chief Justice and 33 other Judges appointed by the President of India.

Army GD 18 April 2023 All Shifts Questions and Answers

27) What is the chemical name of dry ice?

Ans: Carbon dioxide

28) When is the armed forces flag day celebrated in india

Ans: Dec 7

29) When was Reserve Bank established?

Ans: 1 April 1935

30) Rovers Cup is associated with which of the following sports?

Ans: Football tournament

31) Who is the Chief Minister of Tripura BJP?

Ans: Manik Saha

32) Who is the RCB WPL advisor

Ans: Sania Mirza

33) In which year lal bahadur shastri was died

Ans: 1966

34) Which acid present in spinach

Ans: oxalic acid

35) What is the (PMVVY) Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana scheme?

Ans: insurance policy-cum-pension scheme that provides security to senior citizens.

36) What is the highest sex ratio of india according to census 2011

Ans: Kerala state

37) What Is The full form of RBI is

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

38) What Is The full form of MCB is

Ans: Miniature Circuit Breaker

39) Nephron is related to which system of human body

Ans: kidneys

40) Where is doyang river located

Ans: Nagaland

41) What causes the common cold?

Ans: rhinoviruses

42) Who signed the Tashkent Agreement?

Ans: Tashkent Agreement in the year 1966. The agreement was signed by Lal Bahadur Shastri and General Ayub Khan.

43) Who is the Current Chief of RAW

Ans: Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief Samant Goel

Army GD 17 April 2023 All Shifts Questions and Answers

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