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Agniveer Army 17 April 2023 1st Shift Questions

Agniveer Army 17 April 2023 1st Shift Questions

Indian Army is all set to conduct the Online Common Entrance Exam (CEE) for the year 2023-24. The test will be conducted for multiple posts of Agniveer from April 17 to 26, 2023. The Indian Army Agniveer Recruitment 2023 exam is sceduled to be held at more than 200 locations across India. Test takers qualifying for the Online CEE exam will appear for the next stages of the selection process. All Exam Shift Wise Questions Review Check Now.


Computer Man

1) How long do red blood cells live?

Ans: about 120 days

2) What is RNA and DNA full form?

Ans: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are complex molecular structures that control all hereditary characteristics of cells and thus of organisms.

3) On which river system is Delhi?

Ans: the river Yamuna

4) Who is appointed new CEO of NITI Aayog?

Ans: BVR Subrahmanyam

5) Who is First Chief of Army

Ans: In January 1949 Cariappa was named the first Indian commander in chief of the Indian army

6) 3,5,7,11, ?

Ans: 13

7) 4,9,16,?

Ans: 25

8) who is the current cm of Gujarat

Ans: Bhupendra Rajnikant Patel 

9) Neeraj chopra is related to which sport

Ans: Javelin throw

10) Decimal Fraction of 68/45 

11) When was Gadar Party founded 

Ans: 15 July 1913

GD 1st shift General science questions

1) What is Glucose formula

Ans: C6H12O6

2) RBC life span –

Ans: 120 days

3) Antbite-

Ans: Formic acid

4) DNA obruvation-

Deoxy robo nucliec acid

5) Milk pH-

Ans: 6.8

6) Ligament find-

Ans: Joint

7) Vitamin C chemical name

Ans: Ascorbic acid

8) WBC related question

9)Polio disease-

Ans: Virus disease

10)Milk convurted to curd-

Ans: Lactobasillus bacteria

11)Who discovered oxygen-

Ans: Jospeh priestley,levoieser

12)Apple acid –

Ans: malic acid,Thamarind-tartaric acid

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