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Airforce 04 November 2020 2nd Shift All Questions

Airforce 04 November 2020 2nd Shift All Questions

Airforce 04 November 2020 2nd Shift All Questions 01/2021 Airforce Group-X Y Admitcardes Released This Notification Online Application from 02-January-2020 to 20-January-2020 and Online Exam From 04-November-2020 to 08-November-2020 So who can applied for this Notification and Who can write exam must know the Questions and Answers we traid to provide All Shift Questions so total given in this article check now.

1). What is the full form of DNA 

Ans:Deoxyribonucleic acid

2). The Great Indian Novel is a satirical novel by

Ans: Shashi Tharoor

3).Where did satyamev jayate get taken from?

Ans:Mundaka Upanishad

4).Panchsheel agreement was signed between

Ans: In 1954, India and China

5).Hirakud dam is built on which river

Ans: great river Mahanadi

6).Ozone day is celebrated on

Ans: 16 September

7).Who is the young grand master in india

Ans: D Gukesh

8).Who won Miss Universe for 2019

Ans: Zozibini Tunzi

9).What is the atomic structure of copper

Ans: 29

10). What is the tenure of the Chief Election Commissioner?

Ans: 6 yrs or up to 65 yrs of age (whichever is earlier)

11).Who is Bangladesh first prime minister

Ans: Sheikh Hasina

12). What is the currency of maldives

Ans: Maldivian rufiyaa

13).Who is the twin of the Earth

Ans: Venus

14).Which is the smallest continent in the world 

Ans: Australia

15). What’s a synonym for eradicate

Ans: wipe out,eliminate

16).Who won filmfare award 2020

Ans: Gully Boy

17).Where was women’s t20 World Cup 2020 held

Ans: Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia

18). Antonym of delicate 

Ans: crude,strong

19).What is the full form of Cobol

Ans: Common Business-Oriented Language

20) Equation of Normal of 2x2+2y2+5x+7y+9=0

Ans:(-5/y, -7/y)

21). Sin(x20)

22). ySin20x d2y/dx2

23). RTU:SUW::CEF:?

Ans: RFH

24).Who is the CEO of UIDAI

Ans: Shri Pankaj Kumar



26).Ekalavya award 2020 winner

Ans: KL Rahul

27).Hate of Mankind(One-Word)

Ans: Misanthropist

28). What Constant during rotational motion 

Ans: Distance from the axis

29). Formulae of Einstein

Ans: E=mc2

30) Matrix

31) Binomial theorem

32) Integration

Note: Every Time We Traying to get Update and Provide All Questions Wait and Follow.

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