Latest Army Clerk Syllabus and Pattern

Latest Army Clerk Syllabus and Pattern

Latest Army clerk syllabus and pattern explanation actually lot of students fail in the written examination because they does’t focus on the exam when qualified candidates PFT and Medical test then after must know which subject is focus in the examination to get Army job totally given below with trade wise.

Note:Some one calculate getting marks to 200 marks or 100 Marks but in this below table only Calculate for 50 Marks for easy Understanding purpose
but All are same calculation for the merit-list.

Subjects No.of.Questions No.of.Marks Passing marks in each subject Total Passing marks
General Knowledge              5            5       Min 08 marks    Min 20 marks
General Science             5            5
Maths           10            10
Computer Science            5            5
General English           25           25         Min 08 marks
Total              50          50
  • Written Exam consist 50 Marks Question Paper.
  • Number of question will be 50 and Two Parts in First part these question will be asked from general knowledge, General Science,Maths,Computer Science in Part-II have English subjest only.
  • Each question will carry 1 marks and 0.25 marks will be reduced for every wrong answer.
  • Time duration will be 1 hours.
  • Candidates need min 20marks to pass not for metit list.
  • Every Part got cut-off marks min 08 and Overall Passing marks is 20 Marks.
  • In this marks not final After you passed in CEE after you have All india merit list this merit list selected candidates based on the Written exam and PFT.

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Latest Army clerk syllabus and pattern:

Genereal knowledge-5 Marks

Topic Questions From
Awards & Prizes National Awards,Gallantry awards,Nobel prizes
Terminology Geographical terms,Economic terms,Astronomical terms,Legal terms
Abbreviations National and International
History Important dates & Battles in india and world History and Lanfmarks of Indian History,National Movement
Geography Solar System, Space exploration,The Earth, Peaks, Deasers, Rivers,,Tallest,Biggest and Longest and Smallest etc
Sports National and International

Other Topics

UNO,Indian Armed Forces,Indian Towns,States and UTs,Institutations and Research stations,Festivals of india and World, Indian News Agencies and Dailies, continents and Sub continent, Inventions and Discoveries,Books and Authors,The Workld of plants and animals,Current Affairs and Who is who

General Science-5 Marks

Topic & Question Form
Human Body- Food and Nutrition,Diseases and Prevention,Vitamins and Their uses.
The Question of general Science Consisting of topic related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Bsed on Fundamentals and day to day Activities
Medical terms
Scientific Terms
Scientific and Research Institutes in India

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Mathematics-10 Marks

  • Natural numbers
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Rational/irrational numbers
  • Decimal fractions, HCF & LCM
  • Square root
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Percentages, averages, profit & loss, simple and compound interest


  • Valume and Area
  • Trigonometry
  • Heights and distance
  • Trigonometry
  • Height and Distances


  • Lines and Angles
  • Statistics
  • Parallelogram
  • Circles
  • Probability

Computer Science-5 Marks

  • Characteristics of a computer
  • Basic applications of a computer
  • Components of a Computer system
  • Central Processing unit (CPU), Visual Display Unit (VDU), Keyboard

Concept of Memory

  • Primary and Secondary Memory
  • RAM and ROM, Units of Memory – Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte

Input / Output Devices

  • Mouse, Joy Stick, Scanner, Microphone, OCR, MICR, Light pen, Barcode Reader, Digital Camera, Printer, Speaker, Plotter
    Booting procedure and Storage Devices.

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English-25 Marks:


1. Parts of Speech.

(a) Article
(b) Noun and Pronoun.
(c) Adjective.
(d) Preposition.
(e) Conjunction and modals.

2. Verbs

Tenses :
Present/past forms
Simple/continuous form
Prefect forms
future time reference

3. Sentence Structure

Type of Sentences
Affirmative/interrogative sentences.
Use of Phrases.
Direct and Indirect speech.
Active and Passive Voice

4.Other Areas

(a) Idioms and Phrases.
(b) Synonyms and antonyms.
(c) One word substitution.

Note: The above syllabus is not a comprehensive list of topics pertaining to the
subject. At times questions may be asked other than the above topics but definitely
within the syllabus of CBSE

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