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Defence Medical and Physical Test Explanation

Defence Medical and Physical Test Explanation

Defence Medical and Physical Test Explanation  Now a days Lot of students try to Defence jobs but they fail in Physical and Medical Test Medical test total body checkup  like Eyes nose ear Hand/Elbow/Finger  legs body surgery’s and  mouth Chest Teeth Color blindness Hart beat Skin Diseases knock Knees Flat foot  Tattoo etc. In this Physical Test  Running improve Tips and Chest Improve Tips and Breathing control Tips and pull-ups Tips and Push-ups Tips and  Medical workouts more so we provide Medical test clear and PFT Practice workouts also given very clearly so see all problems and we provide how to solve with workouts this is very use full for all Department jobs total given in this article.

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UFJ Medical Test and Tips

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S.No Event Name Selection Process
1 Army Medical Test(Part-1) Click Here
2 Army Medical Test(Part-2) Click Here
3 Navy/Airforce/CG Medical Test Click Here
4 Teeth Medical Test Click Here
5 Eye Medical Test Click Here
6 Eye Sight Medical Test Click Here
7 Ear Medical Test Click Here
8 Nose/DNS Medical Test Click Here
9 Color Blind Ness Medical Test Click Here
10 Knock Knees Medical Test Click Here
11 Hand Medical Test Click Here
12 Varicocle/Hydrocele Medical Test Click Here
13 Flat Foot Medical Test Click Here
14 Bone Break Medical Test Click Here


Defence Medical and Physical Test Explanation

Medical test is a most important and Major for all Defence jobs so dont neglect medical test. Medical Officers must check Each and every part  they are very experience in this field so they are easily identify defect of in our body. Army Navy Airforce Territorial Army  NDA Coastguard CISF BSF CRPF DRDO etc these all Selection process one of the part of Medical test.

Physical test also very important: Physical test is a most important for all trades of  Defence jobs so Every one must practice  Physical and Every trade is a different type of PFT  process and PFT is most important to learn your pace. Recognize breathing, arm swing, leg stride, foot strikes and create muscle memory of exactly how you should feel when you are running at your goal pace. As you get into better shape, you should feel better throughout the running event.

UFJ Physical Test Workouts and Tips

1 Top 10 Workouts for Running Improve Click Here
2 Army Rally Running Tips Click Here
3 After Running Workouts (Part-I) Click Here
4 After Running Workouts (Part-II) Click Here
5 How to Improve Chest(Part-1) Click Here
6 How to Improve Chest(Part-2) Click Here
7 1.6 km Running Tips (Part-I) Click Here
8 1.6 km Running Tips(Part-2) Click Here
9 1.6 km Running Tips(Part-3) Click Here
10 How to Improve Pull-Ups Click Here
11 800Meters Running Tips In Time Click Here
12 Best Food for Running Practice Candidates Click Here
13 Running Tips on the Road Click Here
14 After Running Body Relief Workouts (Part-1) Click Here
15 After Running Body Relief Workouts (part-2) Click Here
16 How to Practice Army Events Practicle Click Here
17 Running Before workouts for body Relief Click Here

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